Monday, December 11, 2006

Be Part of the Hogalogue!

Attention Artists and Photographers! We would like to offer you a chance to make some nice money with Wallhogs. In just a few days time our catalogue will be going live and we'd like you to help us populate it.

It works like this...simply go to Wallhogs, set up an account, and notify Mark at mark.seremet [@] that you want to get your work onto our site - include your name, paypal address (so we can pay you royalties), and the email address you used to establish your wallhog account. Mark will notify you in about 10 days to start uploading your work.

Now, here's the fun part... You will receive a 20% royalty on sales that utilize your work. Yes, you heard that right - 20% of gross sales which should translate to 4-18 bucks per order! We will pay you within 15 days of the close of each month via Paypal.

Will there be traffic? yes. We have licensed Gwen Stefani, NIN, Social D, Offspring, and many others - their fans will be driven to wallhogs. Also we scored a great deal with and will be part of their offering to facebook, flickr, photobucket, et al - see Qoop for details.

This is a great opportunity to get exposure for your work and make some nice cash in the process.

Friday, November 03, 2006

WALLHOGS - A Decorative Revolution!

Hanging pictures is lame. Prints that everyone else has...well...everyone else has them. Painting? No more. Wallhogs is sweeping the world!

Wallhogs are customized, lite-adhesive backed vinyl prints that you can stick to your wall, take down, store, replace, place again, etc. without damaging your wall surface or paint. Your digital images blown up from a piglet (24" high) to a massive HOG (84"). What's cool is that you can cut out what you want from the pic. Here you see my son Matthew from the original picture to a cut out piglet on the wall.

The site will be live in the next two weeks but you can order your Hogs today because, well, I invested in the site and you're my favorite cyber buddies. Get these for Christmas gifts, to decorate kid's rooms, stylize your office, whatever. These babies are as indestructible as Superman's jewels - uv resistant, water and scratch resistant.

You convinced me Mark - especially with that crude reference to can I get mine before the site goes live? Easy, here are the prices:

Piglet (24" high) - 24.99
Sow (48" high) - 39.99
Boar (62" high) - 69.99
The Ultimate, the only HOG (84" high) - 79.99

1. Pick a size - the width will be to the scale of your picture so don't worry about that.
2. Email your digital photo or hi-res graphic - best is 72 or better dpi, 3Mega Pixel Camera at highest resolution or more to me at and include the following:
Shipping address if different
Description of what you want cut out of the picture
Say if you want a speech or thought bubble and what you want in it.


3. Pay us. We will then send you a paypal invoice via email. Once we verify payment then we get your hog out the door in three to four days.

Call 724 863 1222 for questions or if you want to order even bigger for Murals, Signs, Posters, Canvas Prints, whatever.

We will also launch the site with some exceptional content. Stay tuned.

This offer expires on the day of the site launch (about 10 days).